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Strickerin - Busy-ness as usual
It's in my blood.
Busy-ness as usual
This has been a crazy crazy week. No way I'm gonna finish my socks by Sunday. All weekend we were at various family gatherings. Monday night was spent trying to get back to normal with dishes, laundry, the house and a fussy Bug, so I did very little knitting. Tuesday we had dinner with a friend of mine who was in town from Texas. Wednesday we had dinner with more friends from Texas. (All the people I know in Texas, not including family, were in Tucson in the same week.) Thursday our neighbor invited us for dinner. Each of those events included many many calories and several hours of chatting. No knitting at all. I played hooky this afternoon and came home early, spent a little time with the Bug, baked a cake (yum) and knit some more. I'm almost to the spot on the second sock where I need to switch to the smaller needles currently in the first sock, so after the Bug went to sleep I got the second sock out and started working on it. I have a few more rounds of decreasing before I get to the foot part.
So, I'd finally decided what colorway of Socks that Rock to use on my sock pal's socks, and when I tried to order on the internet, from the store I was directed to by the Socks that Rock people themselves, there was no link. I called them up and was told that the Blue Moon people asked them to take all their pictures down and not sell the yarn anymore. WTF? I can get some from the Blue Moon people directly, but I am frustrated. People talk about how great this yarn is, and here the makers are making it more difficult to get it? (Currently, out of a rumored 250 colorways, there are 20 for sale on their site.) I had my heart set on using this stuff, but now I feel a little put off. Am I just being petulant? It seems a little crappy to me. (But, I did learn that knit-purl (www.knit-purl.com) is working with a fiber artist to make their own line of sock yarn, including a cotton/elastic sock yarn, to take the place of STR in their store and online. YAY! More choices!) In the meantime, I'm thinking of switching to Koigu (more expensive, ugh) or really splurging on some Mountain Colors Bearfoot. (That stuff is made about 5 miles from my in-laws' house in Montana.)
I suppose that's all for this update. Sometime this week I have to figure out how to get the ring code in the sidebar on this lovely creation of mine, lest I be banished forever from the ring.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: March 2nd, 2006 06:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
Socks that Rock is so worth the wait, trust me! Blue Moon is in the process of setting up their new STR club, they had to send back their entire shipment of wool because it was pilling as they spun it and they just cleared out all the old lesser yardaged skeins so they're simply behind in having a lot of stock. It's not the easiest stuff to get on the best of days because it is SO popular. I guess that's what happens when tiny companies get successful so quickly. Don't be put off yet! Think of it as time to hone your sock making skills so you can make some kick a$$ socks that rock!

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