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Strickerin - the agony of defeat
It's in my blood.
the agony of defeat
I didn't finish my socks. I worked on them most of the weekend, but I only got one finished, and the other halfway through the leg.

I'm disappointed that I couldn't finish it on time, but I definitely enjoyed myself. I'd never tried anything as detailed as socks before, and I'm excited to finish this pair and start another. I've gotten my sock pal yarn from twoloops on, and it should be here in a few days. I've reserved Nancy Bush's vintage socks book from the local library, so I hope I'll be selecting a pattern soon. I might try a short-row heel; if those are what I think they are, I like the look of them better. I dunno - I think I understand the theory of socks, but I haven't ever done short rows. I think I understand how those work too, but I don't want to be trying brand new things on socks that will be worn by someone else.
I was also excited to find some cotton/lycra sock yarn on I'm still frustrated by how difficult it is to find Blue Moon's yarns, so I am looking for alternatives.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: March 2nd, 2006 06:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
I LOVE short row heels. The first time you do them it's a little hard to understand what's going on but then you start getting the heel shape and this lightbulb goes off over your head. After you "get" them, you realize how quick and easy they are. Also, I think they look better than heel flaps. Ok, enough about how much I love short rows. (I'm a zealot, sorry!)

I hear you on the Blue Moon yarn. It's just a small little company and they only sell through a select few stores. Their online vendor "The Fold" is a really good source. If you join the Townsend Sock Knitalong yahoo group, the owner of The Fold is on that list so we get a lot of the breaking blue moon news as well as early access to her sales. It's a chatty, not always on topic group, but there are tons of free sock patterns and they're very friendly.

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